Resilience and security are crucial to the effectiveness of your organisation. If people, processes or technology are faulty, your whole organisation is vulnerable.

As leaders in Business Assurance, we help our clients to improve operational effectiveness by managing risk. Our specialist consultants and engineers work with government and commercial organisations to protect Critical National Infrastructure and secure strategic information assets. If your organisation depends upon data, then you can depend upon us to protect it.

The new UK government inter-departmental communications network (the PSN) brings with it a significantly enhanced connection accreditation requirement for Information and System-Networks. ECA have successfully managed the intricate series of PSN accreditation checks and assurances, along with their associated design documentation, as required by the PSN Authority, for the new Shared Services 1 contract – in order to achieve our clients’ ‘Accreditation to the PSN’. ECA are now in the very best position to help organisations successfully join the PSN, especially where their existing Information System does not currently or previously hold either GSi connection and/or HMG certificate of Accreditation for Information Assurance.

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Cyber Security Assurance

Managing your cyber security risk

Cyber-crime is now probably the biggest single threat to your organisation’s resilience and maturity. Cyber defence is NOT an IT issue and building an ever bigger wall around your data and information is simply not the answer.

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Physical Security

Designing, building, operating secure hosting

ECA designs, installs and manages secure data centres and control rooms, and can provide an end-to-end risk management service to keep your critical infrastructure running.

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Cyber, Physical and Procedural Security training courses

We have many years of experience working with governments and businesses who demand the highest standards of security and resilience. We understand the challenge, and can share our experience with you.

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